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Mandatory Formulas

[[ Petition Name (year) ]]

  • Simple math can be done if any one of the elements is missing from the equation.

Rounding Percentages

The validity rate percentage and the percentage of signatures obtained must be rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • Example: 76.5% rounds up to 77%
  • Example: 53.22% rounds down to 53%


All percentages in this article must be referenced. There are no exceptions.

All references must be official government documents. The documents must be part of an official government website. If not part of an official government website, the documents must be uploaded to

1 Week Before Deletions

This rule is in effect for the start up of this article. Do not delete unreferenced info until one week after it is posted. This is because there could be problems uploading and/or accessing uploadable documents when the correct information is already up.

The Signature Breakdown (Chart Format)

The Signature Breakdown (Chart Format) will be used when the equation format is complete.
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