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Taxes, taxes, taxes

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October 6, 2009


That's what it's really come down to here in Maine - taxes. Whether it be the Auto Excise Tax Repeal, Question 2 or the Tax Relief Initiative, Question 4 Mainers are going to go to have to decide if they want to limit government spending and reduce taxes.

Today I ventured, for the first time, outside of Portland to the state capital of Augusta. And let me start by saying - Augusta is a very lovely city. Out of the few state capitals that I have visited or driven through, Augusta has a calm and a very nice small town feel. But before I go on too much of a tangent, today I met with Christopher St. John, executive director of Maine Center for Economic Policy, to talk about TABOR II and the Auto Excise Repeal Measure. We covered everything from TABOR supporters recent launch of an online property tax calculator to the debated comparisons between Colorado TABOR experience and Maine's future. Maine Center for Economic Policy opposes Question 2 and Question 4 and contributed funds to both campaigns.

Below are links to full interviews with Christopher St. John on Question 2 and 4.

And trust me, this is definitely not the end of taxes in Maine. Tomorrow, I'll be attending a Question 4 forum hosted by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce.

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