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Taylor City Council recall, Michigan (2010)

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An effort to recall John Delo, Jacklyn Molner, Dennis Stapleton and Suzanne Weycker from their positions as members of the city council of Taylor, Michigan was launched in March 2010.[1]

A separate effort to recall mayor Jeffrey Lamarand and city council members Jill Brandana and Cheryl Burke was simultaneously underway.[2]

Both recall efforts came up short of the number of signatures required to trigger a special recall election.[3]

The only city council member who was not targeted for recall was Richard Sollars.[4]

Delo, Molner, Stapleton, Weycker recall

Sheila Gorski-Shulte and Roseanna McGuckin-Hammons were leaders in an initial recall effort. Later, William McDermott filed recall paperwork and it is his petitions that were approved for circulation. McDermott is active in the Democratic Club of Taylor.[5]

City council member Herman Ramik was also targeted for recall. However, Ramik resigned from the council for health reasons and therefore, a recall effort against him is no longer in effect.[5]

All the targeted city council members are serving four-year terms that end in 2013.[5]

Recall target John Delo, who was elected in November 2009, said, "I'm confident the voters of Taylor are smart enough to see through this as a political ploy."[6]

Lamarand, Brandana, Burke recall

Nancy Stawiarski is organizing a recall efffort against Mayor Jeffrey Lamarand and Councilwomen Jill Brandana and Cheryl Burke.

Some observers speculate that Lamarand, Brandana and Burke are behind the effort to recall Delo, Molner, Stapleton and Weycker.[5] Mayor Lamarand wanted to eliminate the position of council secretary and those targeted in the recall filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent that from happening.[7]

About Taylor

The City of Taylor is running an annual deficit of about $3 million/year and those in favor of the recall cite what they believe is the fiscal irresponsibility of the five targeted city council members as the motivation for wanting to remove them from office.[1]

Herman "Butch" Ramik, a former Taylor city councilman, filmed city crews in March in the act of repairing an unpaved parking lot used by a bar partly owned by Taylor's public works director. The video was then posted on YouTube.[8]

Path to the ballot

Signatures equalling 25% of the voting population of Taylor who voted in the last state election are required to force a recall election. That comes to about 4,817 signatures for each of the five targeted city council members.[1]

The required signatures must be collected within 90 days from the time that the recall petitions were approved in mid-March.[5]

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