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Type Title Subject Description Result
LR Prop 100 Elections Residency requirement Defeatedd
LR Prop 101 Recall Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona relating to recall Approveda
LR Prop 102 Elections Minimum number of electors who must vote at election on bond issues or special assessments Defeatedd
LR Prop 103 Education Debt limit of 20% for unified school districts Approveda
LR Prop 104 Business Public service corporations can include certain private sewage disposal corporations Approveda
LR Prop 105 Taxes Use and distribution of vehicle, user and gasoline and diesel tax receipts Defeatedd
LR Prop 106 Taxes Proposed amendment relating to public debt, revenue and taxation Defeatedd
CR Prop 107 Legislative salaries Recommended increase in salaries of Arizona state legislators Defeatedd
CICA Prop 108 Judicial An amendment to the Constitution of Arizona relating to the Judicial Department Approveda
LR Prop 300 Taxes Transaction privilege tax, food exemption, reimbursement tax Defeatedd
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