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November 7

Type Title Subject Description Result
CR Amendment 1 Constitutions Revises the Florida Constitution in general Defeatedd
CR Amendment 2 Civil Rights Provides that no person would be deprived of any right because of sex Defeatedd
CR Amendment 3 Redistricting Requires single-member legislative districts and establishes a commission to prepare a reapportionment plan of districts Defeatedd
CR Amendment 4 State Exec Eliminates the executive cabinet in Florida Defeatedd
CR Amendment 5 Admin of Gov't Establishes a five-member public service commission Defeatedd
CR Amendment 6 Judiciary Requires circuit and county judges to submit themselves for retention or rejection by the electors every six years Defeatedd
CR Amendment 7 Taxes Revises tax and government finance laws Defeatedd
CR Amendment 8 Education Provides that the Governor appoint the State Board of Education, and the board appoint the Commissioner of Education Defeatedd
CICA Amendment 9 Gambling Authorizes privately owned casinos within a restricted geographic area Defeatedd
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