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November 5

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Death penalty Provides for the continuation of the death penalty Approveda

LRCA Amendment 2 Elections Economic impact statement of initiated constitutional amendments must be provided Approveda

LRCA Amendment 3 Admin of gov't Authorizes amendments or revisions to the Miami-Dade County Home Rule Charter, as approved by voters Defeatedd

LRCA Amendment 4 Gov't accountability Exemptions from public access requirements, if 2/3rds of legislature approves Approveda

CICA Amendment 6 Tobacco Prohibit smoking in enclosed workplaces Approveda

LRCA Amendment 7 Taxes Tax exemptions for elderly home additions Approveda

CICA Amendment 8 Education All four year-olds in Florida be offered pre-kindergarten instruction Approveda

CICA Amendment 9 Education Require legislature to pay costs to ensure reduction of class size Approveda

CICA Amendment 10 Animal rights Limit confinement of pigs during pregnancy Approveda

CICA Amendment 11 Admin of gov't Establish a local board of trustees to administer each state university Approveda

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