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Nay3.png In July 2013 the Republican controlled House narrowly passed a scaled-back version of the farm bill after stripping out the popular food-stamp program.[1][2] The bill passed on a 216-208 vote, with no Democrats voting in favor.[3] All but 12 Republicans supported the measure.[4] The group consisted mostly of conservative lawmakers more concerned about spending than farm subsidies.[4][5] {{{Name}}} was one of the 12 who voted against the measure.[4]

The farm bill historically has included both billions in farm subsidies and billions in food stamps. Including both of the two massive programs has in the past helped win support from rural-state lawmakers and those representing big cities.[3] After the bill failed in the House in June 2013 amid opposition from rank-and-file Republicans, House leaders removed the food stamp portion in a bid to attract conservative support.[3]