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An image (file) you recently uploaded to Ballotpedia has been or may be removed, because it does not include the required information indicating that the image is in the public domain or, if it is not in the public domain, that Ballotpedia has permission to reproduce it.

For legal reasons, we cannot accept copyrighted images borrowed from other websites or printed material without permission.

  • Please read Ballotpedia:Image copyright for information about acceptable image use.
  • Please read Help:Image description page for information on how to edit the image/file upload page with information about why you believe it is legally allowable to reproduce the image on Ballotpedia.

Copyright infractions place Ballotpedia at legal risk, as well as violating the rights of others, and we take this very seriously. Users who continue to add such material. or who do not rectify the problem when it is brought to their attention, are likely to be blocked from editing.

(Click here to read about our edit review process.)

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