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The required number of valid signatures for both statewide initiatives and referendums are the same. It is tied to the number of votes cast for the office of the Governor of Maine in the most recent gubernatorial election. Gubernatorial elections are held in Maine every four years. The requirement is 10% of the total votes cast for governor (excluding blanks) in the most recent election (2010) as established in Article 4, Part Third, Section 18, sub-section 2 of the Maine Constitution.[1][2]

Year Initiated statute Veto referendum
2014 57,277 57,277
2013 57,277 57,277
2012 57,277 57,277
2011 57,277 57,277
2010 55,087 55,087
2008 55,087 55,087

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Maine Constitution, Article IV, Part 3, Section 18
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