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Since North Dakota does not have a voter registration system, the number of signatures required is tied to the population reported by the last decennial census. As such, any US Citizen who is at least 18 years old and who has resided in the state for at least thirty day may sign an initiative petition. For statutes and veto referenda, the number of signatures required is 2% of the population. For amendments, it is 4% of the population. For recall, signatures must equal 25% of the votes cast for that particular office in the last election. Officials in Congress are exempt. A signer's name be legibly printed on a petition and include the signer's zip code in the required information.

Year Constitutional amendment Initiated statute Veto referendum
2014 26,904 13,452 13,452
2012 26,904 13,452 13,452
2010 25,688 12,844 12,844
2008 25,688 12,844 12,844

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: North Dakota Constitution, Article III, Sections 4, 9, & 10