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June 28

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS County Government Management Referendum Local Gov't Deals with a manager plan of county government Defeatedd
LRSS County Officers Election Terms Referendum Local Gov't Deals with the election terms for county officials Defeatedd
LRSS Dancing and Liquor Sales Referendum Alcohol Prohibits dancing where liquor is sold Approveda
LRSS School & Public Land Sales Referendum Admin of Gov't Regulates the sale of school and public lands Approveda
CICA Legislators and State Employment Initiative Legislature Prohibits members of the state legislature from accepting state employment during their terms of office Approveda
CICA Tax Commissioner Election Initiative Elections Establishes election of the Tax Commissioner in 1940 on the no-party ballot Approveda
CICA Public Funds in State Treasury Initiative Bonds Clarifies which public funds are to be deposited in the state Treasury Approveda
CICA Board of Higher Education Initiative Education Creates a Board of Higher Education Approveda
CISS Abolishing Regulatory Department Initiative Admin of Gov't Abolishes the Regulatory Department Approveda
CISS Civil Service Initiative Civil Service Creates a state civil service for state employees Defeatedd
CISS County Bond Rules Initiative Bonds Creates rules governing transactions in county securities Defeatedd
CISS Legal Interest Rates Initiative Business Reduces the legal rate of interest Approveda
CISS Municipal Appointments Initiative Local Gov't Creates commission to appoint city and village officials Defeatedd

November 8

Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Repeal Liquor Control Initiative Alcohol Repeals of the Liquor Control Act of November 1936 Defeatedd
CISS Old Age Pensions Initiative Welfare Provides minimum pension under state old age assistance Approveda
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