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Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Question 705 Gambling Net proceeds used for education purposes Approveda
LRCA Question 706 Gambling Create the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund Approveda
LRCA Question 707 Gov't Finances Use of certain city, town and county taxes and fees Approveda
LRCA Question 708 Gov't Finances Creates spending rules for the Rainy Day Fund, Approveda
LRCA Question 711 Marriage & Family Marriage as one man and one woman Approveda
LRSS Question 712 Gambling Enacts the State-Tribal Gaming Act Approveda
LRSS Question 713 Tobacco Ends sales tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products Approveda
LRCA Question 714 Taxes Determines the fair cash value of the homestead of certain heads of household Approveda
LRCA Question 715 Taxes Property tax exemption to veterans Approveda
List of Oklahoma ballot measures, Oklahoma 2004 ballot measures