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Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Literacy Test Repeal Amendment Suffrage Repeals the amendment requiring that every person be able to read and write English in order to register to vote
LRCA Independent Redistricting Amendment Redistricting Establishes an independent redistricting commission for all future state legislative and congressional redistricting
LRCA Supermajority Vote to Levy Taxes Amendment Taxes Requires a three-fifths vote in the legislature to levy state taxes
LRCA Board of Education Membership Amendment Education Makes the Superintendent of Public Instruction the chair of the Board of Education and authorizes the governor to appoint the Superintendent of Public Instruction
LRCA "Mentally Incompetent" Cannot Vote Amendment Suffrage Disqualifies the “adjudicated mentally incompetent” from voting
LRCA Judicial Nominating Committee Amendment Judiciary Creates a judicial nominating commission to pick two candidates for each court election for constituents to vote upon
LRCA Private Property Amendment Eminent domain Prevents property from being condemned solely for private economic development
LRCA "Sunshine" Amendment Gov't accountability Provides that all state and local government records are open to inspection and copying and that all normal meetings are open to the public
LRCA "Gun Rights" Amendment Firearms Restricts limitations that may be placed on a person who holds a concealed carry permit
LRCA Municipal Annexation Amendment Local gov't Restricts the ability of municipalities to annex other municipalities
LRCA "Right to Work" Amendment Labor Makes bargaining contracts between public entities and unions illegal
LRCA Secret Ballot Amendment Labor Preserves an individual’s right to a secret ballot for employee representation by a union
LRCA Secretary of Education Amendment Education Establishes the Office of the Secretary of Education in lieu of the superintendent of public education and state board of education
LRCA Age to Hold Elected Office Amendment Elections Reduces the age of eligibility to hold elected office from 21 to 18
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