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Democratic Party Wendy Davis - State Senator[1]
Republican Party Greg Abbott - Texas Attorney General[2][3][4]Green check mark transparent.png
Libertarian Party Kathie Glass - Houston lawyer and 2010 gubernatorial candidate[5][6]
Green Party Brandon Parmer[7]

Lost primary or at convention

Democratic Party Reynaldo "Ray" Madrigal[8]
Republican Party SECEDE Kilgore - Conservative Activist and Telecommunications Worker[9]
Republican Party Miriam Martinez - Media personality, former Texas House candidate.[10]
Republican Party Lisa Fritsch - Author and conservative radio host[11]
Libertarian Party Lee Wrights - Libertarian activist, writer and editor[12][6]
Libertarian Party Robert J. Bell[13][6]
Libertarian Party Star Locke[13][6]


Republican Party Tom Pauken - Former Texas Workforce Commissioner and state Republican Party Chairman[14][15]
Libertarian Party Gene Chapman - Gandhian Minister, Anti-Tax Activist and '08 Presidential Candidate[16][17]
Libertarian Party Robert Lynn Garett[13]

Declined to run

Republican Party Rick Perry - Incumbent[18]

Independent Debra Medina - Tea Party activist[19]
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