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November 4

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 314 Taxes Reduces special school tax levies and replaces them with a 12% excise tax on corporations Defeatedd
ITP Initiative 316 Death Penalty Mandates the death penalty in cases of first degree aggravated murder Approveda
LRSS Referendum 35 Elections Mandates that the governor fill U.S. Senate vacancies with individuals of the same political party as the incumbent Defeatedd
LRCA SJR 101 Judiciary Redefines the authorities of the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court and the District Courts; Establishes a judicial review committee and provides for certain case review rights Defeatedd
LRCA SJR 127 Legislature Creates a commission to determine legislative salaries and legislators' electoral eligibility for other offices Defeatedd
LRCA HJR 22 Education Provides governmental assistance for students of all educational institutions, rather than just public institutions Defeatedd
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