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November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 960 Supermajority Requires the legislature to acquire a supermajority vote or the approval of voters for any tax increases ApprovedaOverturnedot
VR Referendum 67 Health Care Upholds a law allowing consumers to collect triple damages from their insurance company for unreasonably denied claims Approveda
LRCA En. Sub. SJR 8206 Gov't Finances Requires transferring 1% of the annual general state revenues to a budget stabilization account Approveda
LRCA SJR 8212 Prisons Authorizes state-operated inmate labor programs to be used by private entities through state contracts Approveda
LRCA Sub. HJR 4204 Supermajority Eliminates supermajority approval requirements based on voter turnout in previous elections for school district property tax levies Approveda
LRCA Sub. HJR 4215 Gov't Finances Permits the legislature to decide what investments would be permitted for higher education permanent funds Approveda
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