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Note: This page includes short news headlines as they happen. If you scroll through the page and read earlier headlines, information pertaining to the events in those sections may have changed significantly since the section was posted.
==English in Nashville==

A group identified as NashvilleEnglish-First.com has begun to circulate a postcard-based petition drive to place an "English only" measure on the Nov. 4 ballot. The measure would alter the Metro charter, make English Metro's official language and limit all government business, publications and meetings to the English language unless such measures would violate federal or state law. Its proponents must collect the signatures of 10,103 registered voters by Aug. 16 to make the November ballot. ...more

Knoxville residents circulating petition

June 20, 2008. A group of Knox County citizens is pushing for change within the county government by collecting signatures from registered voters. Thursday, the group hit the streets shortly after it won approval from the election commission to begin the petition. Sundown in the City offered the usual fun, food, and music, in addition to the chance to begin changing Knox County's Government... [1] (dead link)

Third parties sue for ballot access

The Green and Libertarian party are suing for ballot access in Tennessee. Darrell Castle is the local cooperating attorney for the case mentioned that no party besides the Democratic and Republican Parties has been ballot-qualified in Tennessee since 1972. Many attempts have been made, but all failed.[1]