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The Tennessee Center for Policy Research (TCPR) is a 501(c)(3) free market think tank in Tennessee that focuses on promoting libertarian policies in that state, including government transparency. The Center gained widespread notoriety when it exposed Al Gore's energy usage by obtaining information using a public records request to the Nashville Electric Service.

Policy areas

TCPR focuses on four primary policy areas - tax and budgetary issues, education, health care and property rights. They also address other areas from time to time, including government transparency and technology policy.[1]


TCPR seeks policies that empower parents, students and teachers. To this end, TCPR aims to answer questions such as: "How can we encourage teachers in the classroom? Who should be the decision-makers for a school? What incentives would lead to better school performance? How can parents gain more control over their children's education?"[2]


The Center seeks "health care solutions that restore dignity and encourage personal responsibility through empowering consumers and medical professionals, restoring competition and reducing government’s role in the business of healthcare."[2]

Tax and Budget

TCPR promotes "economic growth through reduced tax and regulatory burdens on individuals and business while identifying opportunities to reduce cost and increase efficiency in all levels of government."[2]

Property rights/other

"TCPR supports research that reflects the Founding Fathers’ vision of a free society grounded in property rights and individual liberty based in personal responsibility."[2]

Transparency projects

Center research is particularly devoted to transparency in government, and the Center considers itself a "watchdog" group for wasteful government spending. On its website, TCPR has a "Pork Report" that presents research findings about how the government of Tennessee, at both the state and local level, wastes taxpayer money.

"Tennessee Votes"

Tennessee Votes is a transparency project sponsored by TCPR. The site "provides concise, nonpartisan, plain-English descriptions of every bill and vote in the Tennessee House and Senate. You can search these by legislator, category, keyword and more. Citizens can also post comments about bills and discuss other state policy issues on the Forums."[3]

Climate change

TCPR facilitates Carnival of Climate Change, a website taking a "skeptical look at climate change alarmism."

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