Tennessee counties hurry to meet new voting legislation deadline

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August 20, 2009

Tennessee: All 95 counties in the state of Tennessee are required to meet standards set down by the Election Assistance Commission in 2005 by November 2010. The new standards would require that counties use paper ballots with optical scan voting machines. Also, known as the 2008 Tennessee Voter Confidence Act was adopted by the Nevada Legislature in 2008.[1] Currently, 93 out of 95 counties in Tennessee paperless electronic voting machines.[2] However, not all counties are finding it easy to make the change. Sullivan County Election Commission Chairman James Holmes said, "The law as it stands today is unworkable," because according to county officials the new "certified optical scan voting machines" are not easy to find.[3] Adding to the difficulty of adopting the new legislation, counties' officials said the cost will be a lot for counties to take on. The state is expected to spend about $6 to $10 million to replace and update county equipment, however additional cost like printing and storage will fall to the states. The additional cost is expected to be about $24,000 per election year.[1]

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