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Tennessee legislators stop three initiative bills

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July 26, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

NASHVILLE, Tennessee: Legislators in Tennessee ended their session on June 10, 2010, without passing three initiative bills[1][2]. The issues lawmakers dealt during session were in relation to campaign finance reform and voter information guides.

House Bill 3065 would allow Tennessee to ban campaigns in support or opposition of a ballot measure to accept contributions from public sources[3]. The bill died in committee without seeing a vote in the General Assembly[4].

The Senate considered two different proposals to require voter information guides for statewide ballot measures. Senate Bill 111 would have required the publication of voter information guides for statewide referendums[5]. Also, Senate Bill 2748 was a separate bill to require all voter information guides to be posted on the Secretary of State's official website[6].

Both of the bills died in committee without seeing a floor vote in the General Assembly[7]

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