Tennessee population imbalance requires redistricting

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June 30, 2011


NASHVILLE, Tennessee: Uneven population growth since the 2000 census will require redistricting to correct the current large population imbalance in Tennessee's legislative districts.[1]

In 1992, courts in Tennessee threw out a redistricting plan with a population variance of 13.9% between the most and least populated districts. They declared that a variance of more than 10% would be unacceptable.[1]

When redistricting last took effect in 2002, that variance was at 9.9%. Currently the population variance in the Tennessee State Senate is at 55.4%, and the variance in the Tennessee House of Representatives is an astounding 89%.[1]

This wide variance in population will require drastic changes to the current districts to correct. A house redistricting committee held its first meeting two weeks ago. House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said that the goal is to draft plans as early as possible in the 2012 legislative session.[1]

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