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The Texas Legislative Budget Board is a legislative service agency solely dedicated to fiscal analysis and policy to members of the Texas Legislature.


The Legislative Budget Board was first formed in 1949 on a act of the Texas Legislature[1].


The Texas Legislative Budget Board is governed by a five person Board that is co-chaired by the Lieutenant Governor of Texas and the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. The Chairman of the Texas House Appropriations and Ways and Means Committees are also on the Board along with the Chairman of the Texas Senate Finance Committee. Two more House members are appointed by the Texas House Speaker while the remaining three Senate members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor[2].

There is an Executive Director and four Assistant Directors that oversee a 117 person staff[3].

Services offered

Committee staffing

The Legislative Budget Board are the official committee staffers for the Texas House Appropriations Committee and Texas Senate Finance Committee along with serving on the conference committee that reconciles the Texas State Budget. Also, they can assist other standing committees on request[4].

Fiscal Impact Statement

The Texas Legislative Budget Board is responsible for producing all fiscal notes that are required for legislation introduced in the Texas Legislature[4].

Revenue estimation

The LBB is responsible for all revenue estimates from tax collections and taking all execution actions on the Texas Budget when necessary[4].

Texas State Budget

The Texas Budget Board is responsible for drafting the Texas State Budget which is done biennially (every two years). Also the LBB is responsible for all performance reports related to the State Budget[4].

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