Texas citizens file petition against change in land use

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July 31, 2009

BUDA, Texas: Reacting to a recent land use change in what was supposed to be a commercial district, area Buda residents have recently filed a petition for a referendum opposing the City Council's actions. The council voted 5-2 to include in the city's land use plan an industrial designation of 95 acres in the Sunfield Municipal Utility District (MUD). It was originally created to support a 2,700 acre community to include 348 single-family lots, 180 multi-family units and approximately 63 acres of commercial land.[1] If the change goes on as planned, a US Foodservices regional headquarters and distribution center would be located in the MUD.

Opponents of the city plan have pointed out that the area was originally developed to be a commercial area and Carl Urban, a local resident and former Buda Planning and Zoning Commissioner has said that the MUD only signed on with that in mind. He also pointed out that there is already an industrial district with direct routes to major highways, and that for the town's only two access points to the highways to be controlled by an industrial complex would "decimate any hopes for a balanced economy in our town."[1] Council members and representatives from US Foodservices claim that no area in the industrial district would accommodate all that was necessary to have the building, in particular "the ability of trucks to make turns our of where the building would be located." They also added that the facility would generate $2.7 million annually in property taxes and that nearly two hundred jobs would be enacted over the next decade.[2]

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