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Midterm Election Countdown: "Big Money"

By Joel Williams


Across the United States, races on every part of the ballot are drawing an ever-increasing amount of funding from both candidates and outside sources. The Congressional midterms will be the most expensive midterm elections to date. A contentious ballot measure in Oregon has broken a state record for spending, while two more in California raised enough money to fund their own U.S. Senate campaigns. At the state level, gubernatorial and state supreme courts have raised hefty sums. National legislative campaign committees of both major parties have raised money for a number of state legislative races, while locally one school board race featured a candidate openly complaining about outside spending in her favor.

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Top Ten Things to Watch on Election Day 2014

The Tuesday Count: Brown spending more on CA’s Props 1 and 2 than on his own reelection

Edited by Ryan Byrne

Tuesday Count-Checkmark.png


Campaign spending is at a high in California with election day only one week away. Gov. Brown, rather than campaigning for his own re-election, has been out raising money for and promoting Propositions 1 and 2.[1] His committees have spent $9,537,049 on supporting the propositions, but only $3,653,869 on his own gubernatorial re-election. Over 2000 miles off California's coast, an expensive ballot conflict is shaping up in Hawaii, and it isn't over a statewide measure, but a countywide GMO ban.

Election results, 2014

State Legislative Tracker: Wisconsin legislator pleads no contest to sexual assault charges

Edited by Joel Williams
This week’s tracker includes a look at the settlement of a case against a Wisconsin state assemblyman.

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