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Thomas Boone recall, Deer Valley Unified School District, Arizona (2010)

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An effort to recall Thomas Boone from the Governing Board of the Deer Valley Unified School District was launched on February 22, 2010, by "Save Deer Valley Unified Schools," chaired by DVUSD parent Mitchell G. Neeley. Tom Boone is a former Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives.[1]

While the recall question never made it to the ballot, Boone resigned from his post in February 2011 in the midst of an investigation alleging misuse of public funds and conflicts of interest.[2]

Boone was appointed to the DVUSD Governing Board in 2007 by then Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Sandra Dowling to replace Ted Carpenter. Boone was elected to his first full term in November 2008. His term was set to expire in December 2012.

Reasons for recall

The official language submitted for the recall petition/ballot reads as follows:

1. Whereas, in his role as member of the DVUSD Governing Board and member of the Arizona House of Representatives, Mr. Boone cannot properly function in the best interest of the Deer Valley Unified School District while serving in both elected bodies simultaneously.
2. And whereas, Mr. Boone serves as the Chairman of Valley Schools Management Group, an intergovernmental agency that is contracted by DVUSD to control the districts multi-purpose insurance funds, in direct conflict of interest as a member of the DVUSD Governing Board.
3. And whereas, Mr. Boone receives an annual compensation package of over $216,000 as the Chairman of VSMG, partly paid for by contracts entered into with DVUSD.
4. And whereas, Mr. Boone in his role as Representative for LD4, has introduced several bills to exempt himself from existing state statutes to avoid the perception of Conflict of Interest charges.
5. And whereas Mr. Boone has notified DVUSD in writing that a conflict of interest currently on his part does currently exists.
6. And whereas, Mr. Boone’s actions are currently being investigated by the Arizona Attorney General office for a Conflict of Interest

Path to the ballot

To place this recall question before voters, recall organizers would have needed to collect 11,694 signatures by June 22, 2010.

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