Three out of ten measures pass in Arizona

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November 3, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona: Arizona voters approved three out of the ten measures on the November 2 general election ballot. The measures that passed were Propositions 106, 107 and 113, according to the Arizona Secretary of State's website. Proposition 106 will amend the Arizona Constitution by barring any rules or regulations that would force state residents to participate in a health-care system. The proposed amendment will also ensure that individuals would have the right to pay for private health insurance.

Proposition 107 will ban affirmative action programs in the state that are administered by statewide or local units of government, including state agencies, cities, counties and school districts. Finally, Proposition 113 will extend the right of Arizonans to use a secret ballot in union organizing votes. The amendment will be used to counter the Employee Free Choice Act, a proposed national law that would grant workers the freedom to choose to form a union.

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