Thurston County Public Power Question (November 2012)

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A Thurston County Public Power Question was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in Thurston County.

This measure seeks to allow the Thurston Public Utility District to be the one to provide electricity to the county, replacing current provider Puget Sound Energy. Local residents collected 11,011 valid signatures to place the issue on the November ballot.[1] If this measure is approved, it does not guarantee that the district would actually supply the electricity, but gives them the option to supply and offer electricity to residents if it was deemed feasible. The actual cost to convert the district into providing electricity, buying the equipment needed and buying the current supplier's assets is not known but a feasibility study is planned for August to try to determine some of those costs.[2]

Election results

Thurston County Prop. 1
Defeatedd No62,52560.18%
Yes 41,380 39.82%

Election results from Thurston County, Current Election Results.


The public power initiative group is in favor of this measure and was the group which sponsored the petition.[1]


The group Alliance to Protect Thurston Power is opposed to this measure and have stated that their main goal is to inform residents about the cost of switching to public power and how distribution would be affected.[1]

Text of the meaure

Language on the ballot:

Shall Public Utility District No. 1 of Thurston County construct or acquire electric facilities for the generation, transmission or distribution of electric power?