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Timothy F. Mooney is a partner with Silver Bullet. His website's biography identifies him as "an independent political consultant with extensive experience working with some of America’s most powerful trade associations, largest corporations, and most recognizable elected officials. His experience stretches 14 election cycles and has included work in 40 states. Mr. Mooney has extensive and recognized talents in lobbying strategies, issues management, campaign management, creative use of paid and earned media, and grassroots organization and activism."

Mr. Mooney has worked in some capacity in well over 250 candidate and ballot campaigns throughout the United States, with impressive 75%+ win record for candidates and independent expenditures for candidates. Mr. Mooney has a 19 wins to 3 losses record in statewide & local ballot campaigns. Ballot campaigns have included such issues as right-to-work, taxation, tort reform, term limits, tobacco, definition of marriage and other issues. His lobbying efforts include a 100% track record of killing bills opposed by clients.

He is a former partner with APC, a California based petition management firm. During his tenure at APC, Mr. Mooney managed the firms field operations for petition drives in California, Ohio, South Dakota, Washington and elsewhere, including the gathering of 2.8 million signatures in just 49 days to simultaneously refer four measure to the California ballot-- a fete submitted to the Guinness Book of Records.

His 2006 activity included his role as a founder and director of First Class Education which successfully passed in four states what George Will dubbed “The 65% Solution.” The efforts garnered national press including the Wall Street Journal, front page of USA Today, the New York Times and dozens of other publications. The 65% Solution became an important issue in the elections of Governors Crist (FL) Pawlenty (MN) Perdue (GA) and Perry (TX). Mr. Mooney also was political consultant to Utah’s Parents for Choice in Education, which successfully impacted enough legislative races to permit Utah to become the first state to pass a statewide school choice program. In the 2006 cycle, Mr. Mooney also was a political consultant to campaigns in an additional five states.

His 2004 activity includes defeating at the ballot (83%-17%) of a taxpayer subsidy for the developer of a Wal-Mart, electing three members to the Scottsdale City Council, passing only the third constitutional amendment in 50 years in Utah and running grassroots efforts through Choices for America in AZ, IA, MN, MO, NH, NM, NV, OH, OR, PA, WA, WI, and WV. For the last week of the election Mr. Mooney helped organize the GOTV effort for Bush-Cheney ’04 in Hillsborough County Florida (Tampa) with election-day results 7% better than in the 2000 election. On election night 2004, Michael Barrone, editor of the Almanac of American Politics said on NBC, “George Bush lost Hillsborough County Florida in 2000 by 3% and he’s winning it tonight by 4%. That’s the difference in Florida and that’s the difference in the election nationally.”

Among Mr. Mooney’s noted political wins is the Oklahoma Right-To-Work ballot campaign. Mr. Mooney wrote and implemented a grassroots strategy involving a Washington DC based coalition of advocacy organizations with Oklahoma memberships. It was the first time these advocacy organizations had ever participated together in a coordinated communication, identification and GOTV effort for a state ballot proposition. It was the first ballot win for Right-to-Work in more than 25 years. Mr. Mooney also wrote and worked to implement the legislative strategy used to pass President Bush’s faith-based community initiative through the House of Representatives. Mr. Mooney has acted as the political strategist for Women Impacting Public Policy, America’s largest organization representing women in business.

From February 1999 to January 2001, Mr. Mooney was the Senior Vice President / Political Director and first employee of the innovative political website Voter.com. In this capacity Mr. Mooney negotiated exclusive contracts with both the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee. It was the first and only time both national political parties have signed a joint contract. Additionally Mr. Mooney negotiated exclusive contracts with Americans for Tax Reform, American Conservative Union, US Chamber of Commerce, BIPAC, Christian Coalition, AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, Democratic Leadership Conference, People for the American Way, and EMILY’s List. Mr. Mooney managed an earned media campaign to make Voter.com the most visible political website during the 2000 campaign. On Election Day 2000, Voter.com received more hits in one day than any website in world history, besting the previous record of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Mooney was a Political Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s largest small-business association. In this role, Mr. Mooney was responsible for NFIB’s involvement in helping to elect more pro-small business candidates at all levels of office. His region was all 50 states in 1995; the western 26 states in 1996 and 1997; and the western 16 states in 1998. During his tenure 6 NFIB members became US Senators, 22 NFIB members became US Congressmen and 3 NFIB members became governors. From 1990-1994, Mr. Mooney was NFIB’s State Director in Arizona, the largest small business organization in the state with over 8,700 members. As State Director, Mr. Mooney was the organization’s chief advocate and most prominent media spokesperson for the business community in Arizona.

Mr. Mooney has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NPR and numerous other television and radio programs as well as print publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times.

Mr. Mooney was educated at Pepperdine University and Harvard University. He resides in Cave Creek, Arizona.

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