Timeline of events of the recall of Wisconsin State Senators in 2012

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2011 calendar
2012 calendar

This page presents a timeline of events related to the attempts to recall Wisconsin State Senators in 2012.

November 2011

  • 3: Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issues an opinion stating that the governor and lt. governor would have to be recalled separately.[1]
  • 15: Democrats file recall petitions against Republican Sens. Van Wanggaard, Scott Fitzgerald, Terry Moulton and Pam Galloway.[2]
  • 18: A group of citizens asked a federal court to make sure that the recall elections took place in the old districts where the legislators were elected from, rather than the newly drawn districts.[3]
  • 21: A group of Republicans asked the state Supreme Court to require any recall elections take place in the new districts, drawn by the GOP majority.[4]
  • 29: Republicans file a second lawsuit in Waukesha County on requesting a panel of three circuit court judges hear the case. The new GOP suit was filed to make sure proper procedures are followed in the case.[5]

December 2011

  • 2: Republicans ask to withdraw their first lawsuit, a move Democrats immediately try to block, saying the court should keep the case and dismiss it at a later date. The request came after it was known that Justice David Prosser, sidelined with an illness, would not take part in the case.[6] Republicans also amend their complaint, requesting a single Waukesha County judge hear the case, rather than the three-judge panel.[7]
  • 15: Democrats announce they have collected over 10,000 signatures on recall petitions for Pam Galloway.[8]
  • 18: The campaign to recall Van Wanggaard announce they have collected more than the required number of signatures to force a recall.[10]



  • 9: Deadline for all four senators to file challenges against the recall petitions.[22] All four file challenges.[23]
  • 27: Lori Compas, the organizer of the recall campaign against Scott Fitzgerald says she will run against him if a recall is scheduled.[24]


  • 9: GAB staff recommend that the board certify recall elections against all four senators. They also request an extra two weeks to finish reviewing signatures.[25]
  • 12: GAB votes unanimously to order recalls against all four Republican state senators.[26]
  • 13: The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board receives an extension on their deadline to complete its review of signatures, moving the date from the 19th to the 30th.[27]
  • 14: Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess signs an agreement scheduling primaries for May 8 with general elections on June 5. If there is no primary the general election takes place on May 8.[28]
  • 16: Pam Galloway submits her resignation from the Senate effective March 17, GAB says the recall will continue.[29]
  • 19: Members of the conservative group Citizens for Responsible Government file paperwork with GAB to start collecting signatures against Sen. Bob Jauch (D) and to form a committee to explore recalling Sen. Dale Schultz (R).[30]
  • 21: State Rep. Jerry Petrowski (R) announces he will run for Galloway's open senate seat in the recall.[31]
  • 30: GOP officials say they plan to run candidates in the Democratic primaries in all four recall elections.[32]


  • 10: Deadline for candidates to turn in nominating petitions.[33]
  • 17: The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board holds a special meeting to consider challenges to the candidates and certify ballot access,[34] unanimously agreed to allow the fake Democrats to remain on the ballot.[35]
  • 23: Absentee voting for the May 8 primaries begins.[36]


  • 8: Primaries are held for all recalls. There are no surprises as the real Democratic candidates defeat the protest candidates easily in all of the races.[37]
  • 11: A Citizens for Responsible Government Network affiliate announces the recall effort targeting Sen. Bob Jauch has been suspended."[38]
  • 21: Absentee voting begins for the June 5 recalls.[39]


  • 5: The general election for all recalls takes place.
Incumbents Scott Fitzgerald and Terry Moulton win easy victories. Republican Jerry Petrowski easily wins Pam Galloway's former seat. Unofficial results show John Lehman (D) defeats Van Wanggaard (R) by 779 votes and declares victory. Wanggaard considers a recount.[40]
  • 15: According to the official canvass, Lehman defeated Wanggaard by 834 votes. Wanggaard calls for a recount.[41]


  • 2: Recount completed. Results show Lehman won by 819 votes - 36,358 to 35,539.[42] Wanggaard considers possible legal challenges.[43]
  • 10: Wanggaard announced he would not file a lawsuit, allowing the results to stand.[44]
  • 17: Democrats officially take control of the Senate.[45]

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