Today it's all about marriage and taxes

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October 8, 2009

Maine taxes aren't the only topic on Mainers' minds, debate about Question 1 is also getting heated. Earlier this week we heard from Mark Sullivan from Protect Maine Equality, No on 1, but today I had a chance to speak to Scott Fish from Stand for Marriage Maine, Yes on 1. The main issue, he said, is the "re-definition of marriage" by LD 1020, legislation signed by the governor in May 2009. But the debate about the definition of marriage isn't all that Fish addressed. Click here for the full interview with Scott Fish where he answers questions about state education commissioner Susan Gendron's recent announcement to seek clarification about Question 1's impact on education and other details about the campaign.

But before we divert too far away from taxes, the Maine Heritage Policy Center is hosting a conference today in Portland where Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, is expected to announce his support for TABOR II. Also, in attendance is John Fund of the Wall Street Journal.

So stay tuned for more upcoming news and interviews.

In the mean time, look here to see what Chris Cinquemani, More Green Now campaign chairman and organizer of the auto excise tax repeal measure, has to say about Question 2.

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