Toledo Income Tax Increase (May 2010)

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There was a Toledo Income Tax Increase measure on the May 4 ballot in Lucas County for voters in the city of Toledo.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 9,258 (36.38%)
  • NO 16,191 (63.62%)Defeatedd[1]

The city council was trying to get a measure approved for the may ballot that would cost on average an extra $75 a year for middle class workers. This measure was proposed by the council in order to help balance the budget and help with shortfalls that are expected. If it had been approved the tax would have added about $7.5 million for the fiscal year.[2] The Toledo Public school system would also have seen some of this money, around $12.5 million for public use. The school district is facing budget shortfalls and even though cuts have been made, school officials noted that they still need the money that this increase would have generated.[3]

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