Tom Beehan recall, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 2009

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Oak Ridge City residents began a petition drive on September 17,2009 to recall Oak Ridge Mayor Tom Beehan following the decision by the city council to pass a resolution that prohibits guns in municipal parks. The resolution, which cannot be overturned via referendum, excludes the city from a news state law that allows gun permit holders to carry their weapons into local, state and federal parks. Organizers had 75 days to collect a minimum of 2,610 signatures.[1] In late September 2009, Moseley announced that he planned to move out of Oak Ridge and would drop his leadership role in the recall effort.Defeatedd

Reason for the recall

Alex Moseley, a local resident and former candidate for city office, said that he has mounted a petition drive against the recently passed resolution but according to City Attorney Ken Krushenski, "It's got no legal authority to get on the ballot." Should the petition not qualify for the ballot, Moseley said that he is considering filing an intent to recall city council members.[2]

Moseley drops recall leadership role

In late September 2009 Moseley announced that he planned to move out of Oak Ridge and would no longer lead the recall effort. A draft petition had reportedly been submitted for the state's consideration of the recall, but no other action in the recall effort has been taken since.[3]

Path to the ballot

If sufficient valid signatures are submitted and verified the recall will most likely be placed on the August 2010 ballot. In order to recall Beehan a minimum of two-thirds of voters is required to vote in favor of the recall.[4]

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