Tom Bosenko recall, Shasta County, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Tom Bosenko from his position as the elected sheriff
of Shasta County, California was launched in January 2012.[1] The recall effort did not result in a recall election. 

Reasons for recall

Rob McDonald, a medical marijuana advocate, organized the recall effort. McDonald was unhappy with public comments that Bosenko made regarding medical marijuana. Shasta County recently passed restrictions on marijuana cultivation, including a ban on dispensaries. McDonald said, "we’re fighting against people who wish to discriminate and persecute based on nothing but their own ignorance."[1] McDonald was also behind the failed recall attempt of Redding city council members Francie Sullivan, Rick Bosetti, and Patrick Jones.

Bosenko's response

Bosenko said, "there hasn’t been anything that has been done illegally or in a discriminatory fashion. My job is to enforce the laws and represent the majority of the constituents and follow the law, and that’s what I’ve been doing."[1]

Path to the ballot

To initiate the recall effort, recall supporters first needed to submit 20 valid signatures to the county. McDonald submitted 23 signatures in January 2012, but only 14 were found to be valid. McDonald said he would try again. If recall organizers had successfully submitted the initial 20 signatures, they would then have needed to gather 14,000 valid signatures, representing 15% percent of the county's registered voters.[2] The recall effort never moved forward.

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