Town of Corte Madera Paramedic Service parcel tax, Measure C (November 2011)

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A Town of Corte Madera parcel tax, Measure C ballot question was on the November 8, 2011 ballot for voters in the Town of Corte Madera in Marin County, where it was approved.[1]

Measure C is an extension of a pre-existing tax that funds paramedic service. The tax comes to $60 per residence and $60 per 1,000 square feet of floor area for nonresidential property.

Measure C allows the town to increase $5 per year with a lid of $75 per year.[2]

On November 2, 2010, Corte Madera voters rejected Measure C. Measure C would also have extended the previous tax.

A two-thirds supermajority vote was required for passage.[1]

Election results

Measure C
Approveda Yes 2,540 82.49%
Election results are from the Marin County elections office.



The official ballot guide arguments in favor of Measure C were signed by:

"Yes on C" website banner
  • Alexandra Cock
  • Bob Ravasio
  • Carla Condon
  • Diane Furst
  • Robert Bundy

Arguments in favor

Arguments in the official ballot guide in favor of Measure C included:

  • It is not a new tax, having first been approved in 1983.
  • "Without the tax, the Advanced Life Support services provided by the Corte Madera Fire Department paramedics primarily for Corte Madera residents will be in jeopardy."
  • Without the tax, there will be a "strong possibility of longer response times."



The official ballot guide arguments opposing Measure C were signed by:

  • Charles H. Conrad
  • George Topor
  • Stuart Jacobson
  • Susan Topor

Arguments against

Arguments in the official ballot guide opposing Measure C included:

  • Corte Madera should "gets its house in financial order before asking us for more money."
  • Appropriate financial management of the town would result in adequate funds to ensure continued paramedic staffing and other basic services.
  • "This tax measure is another example of the Town Council's misplaced priorities. It should revise its budget and first pay for paramedic services to save our lives before funding nonessentials...Basic services shouldn't require parcel taxes."[3]

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