Tribal amendments may return in Montana

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November 10, 2009

POPLAR, Montana: The Fort Peck Reservation saw constitutional amendments on their bi-annual tribal election ballot on October 31, 2009. However, all were rejected due to voters voting for all of them as one big change, instead of voting on each of the amendments singly. According to reports, though, voters may get a second chance to decide on these amendments. Results of the election were 926 voting against the amendments and 683 voting for the amendments. Some of the amendments that the reservation saw included:[1]

  • Establish staggered four-year terms for the chairman, vice chairman and sergeant-at-arms offices as well as six of the council seats. The remaining six council seats would be elected from each of the reservation's six districts.
  • Develop and implement a code of ethics for all tribal elected officials.
  • Add tribal judges to the election ballot, rather than allow the Tribal Executive Board to appoint them, as is currently done.
  • Establish a reserve fund for tribal monies that would remain untouched.
  • Establish a tribal bill of rights and waive the tribal sovereignty and immunity held by tribal council members, who currently can't be sued for monetary reasons in tribal court.
  • Change the general council attendance quorum from 500 voters to 100

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