Trigg County prohibition repeal vote (2009)

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Trigg County prohibition repeal vote was on the September 29, 2009 ballot in Trigg County in Kentucky. The measure was approved.[1]
  • Yes: 2,665 (50.3%)Approveda
  • No: 2,629 (49.7%)

Ballot summary

The proposition asked: "Are you in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages in Trigg County, Kentucky?"[2]


Most support for ending prohibition has come from the economic argument, that alcohol sales would help restaurants, convenience stores and even most other businesses raise profit, as well as contributing more tax revenue to the state government.[2]


Trigg Citizens Against Alcohol, led the call for additional research on signatures, have said that they would continue to seek legal counsel on ways to challenge the petition before the vote date.[3]


The Trigg Citizens Committee Against Alcohol is organizing a phone drive and a county-wide rally that took place on September 13, 2009. The group has also ordered 250 signs for their campaign against alcohol sales in Trigg county. The group’s publicity committee is asking that church pastors preach about alcohol in their sermons on September 20.[4]

Trigg Citizens Against Alcohol also formally voted to not have the signatures of people who signed the petition to be published, citing peoples’ right to do so. The group also formally voted at a meeting in early August to not take the petition to court to try to get it thrown out. Grow Trigg stated that if that were to happen, they would then begin to gather more signatures in order to have the vote take place.


On July 13, 2009 Grow Trigg, a local organization in favor of repealing prohibition in the county, submitted a total of 1,911 signatures. Of that, 1,679 were validated by County Clerk Wanda Thomas and her staff, just surpassing the requirement of 1,655 valid signatures.[5]

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