Trinity County, California

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Budget Y
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Meetings Y
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Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials N
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Permits, zoning N
600px-Red x.png
Audits Y
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Contracts N
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Lobbying N
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Public records N
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Local taxes Y
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Transparency grading process

Trinity County is one of 58 counties in California.

The county's population as of the 2000 census was 13,022. Its county seat and largest town is Weaverville. There are no incorporated cities in Trinity County. It is well over half the size of Connecticut, or a little over 1/3 of New Jersey, or a little under 1/2 of Massachusetts, and its larger than Rhode Island and Delaware. Trinity County did not have a chain store or restaurant until 1999, when Burger King, Movie Gallery, Longs Drugs, and Subway opened in the Tops SuperFoods shopping center.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of California county websites

The good

  • The names and contact information of all board of supervisor members is available.[1]
  • Board of supervisor meeting agendas and minutes are available.[2]
  • Budget and Audit information is available, however registration through a third party site is required.[3]
  • Information on taxes is provided.[4]

The bad

2009 budget woes

Main article: California state budget and finances

As of January 31, 2009, Trinity County has only two to three weeks of reserves. Once the money runs out, the county will issue IOUs to its 320 workers. Trinity was expecting $2 million from the state in February.[5]

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