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The Tucson Citizen is a daily newspaper in Tucson, Arizona. It was founded by Richard C. McCormick with John Wasson as publisher and editor on October 15, 1870 as the Arizona Citizen. The current publisher and editor is Michael Chihak.

As of October 2005, the daily circulation was approximately 30,937. The Citizen publishes six days per week (except Sunday, when only the Arizona Daily Star is published as part of the two papers' joint operating agreement).

The Tucson Citizen is the oldest continuously published newspaper in Arizona.

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Founder Richard C. McCormick had originally been the owner of the Arizonan. However when the editor of the Arizonan refused to support the Richard C. McCormick's re-election as congressional delegate for the territory of Arizona, McCormick took the press and started the Arizona Citizen with Wasson. During the mid-1880s, the newspaper was known as the Tucson Weekly Citizen. William A. Small, his wife, and William H. Johnson invested in the newspaper in the late 1930s. Johnson sold his share to Small in 1964, and Small turned control over to his son, William A. Small Jr. in 1966 when he retired.

In 1977, the Citizen was sold to Gannett Company, Inc., the current owner.

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