Tulsa Non-Partisan Election of City Officials ballot measure (2009)

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A Tulsa Nonpartisan Elections ballot measure was supposed to be on the November 10, 2009 special election ballot in the city of Tulsa, located in Tulsa County, but did not appear. The measure had called for residents to decide whether the city's municipal elections should be nonpartisan.

Steve Schuller, a member of Tulsans for Better Government, said that the problem with partisan elections is that one party is nearly always disenfranchised in more than one City Council district because the results are decided during a primary election.[1]

The petition was first filed in August 2008 but was too late to be placed on the November primary election in 2008.[2]


Of the 7,000 submitted signatures City Clerk Mike Kier said 6,675 had valid Tulsa addresses. In order to place the measure on the ballot, supporters needed to acquire a minimum of 3,427 valid signatures.[1]

Legal action

A Tulsa County District Court held a hearing on August 24, 2009 concerning the issue of the validity of the petition. The city of Tulsa is challenging whether the petition contained a clause warning voters against signing false signatures and also whether the petition needs 3,427 valid signatures, or 19,336 valid signatures. Currently, petition circulators obtained 6,675 valid signatures.[3]