Two casino measures may be headed to the Maine 2010 ballot

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March 2, 2010


AUGUSTA, Maine: The Maine Casino Initiative which proposes a casino in Oxford County may be heading to the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot after the secretary of state announced that supporters had collected sufficient signatures to qualify the measure. However, before the measure can proceed to the ballot it is first referred to the legislature for consideration. But the Oxford County Measure isn't the only proposed casino measure, the Maine Calais Casino Measure - a measure that proposes an Indian casino in Calais - is also currently under consideration.[1][2]

According to state law the Maine Legislature can place a competing measure on the ballot and with the proposal of the Oxford casino Maine's Indian tribes are attempting to do just that. The proposal now goes before the state legislature. Should the legislature reject the tribe's proposed measure, the measure will be placed on the 2010 ballot.[3]

If both the Calais Casino Measure and the Oxford County Measure appear on the ballot, according to the Deputy Secretary of State, "The ballot would present the measures in such a way that they could vote for either the initiative or the competing measure or reject both." The winning measure has to receive a majority of the vote - at least 50 percent plus 1. Should neither measure receive a majority of the vote, then the measure with the most votes will move to the next statewide election.[3]

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