Two groups have submitted signatures for California's 2010 ballot

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December 16, 2009

California: Backers of two proposed California initiatives have submitted their signatures to election officials. The Right to Vote Act, sponsored by Pacific Gas & Electric, and the Benefits for Continuous Auto Insurance Act, sponsored by Mercury Insurance, are the first two ballot initiatives to turn in signatures for the 2010 ballot in the state. The state legislature has already voted four measures onto the ballot.

As well, backers of a third initiative, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2010), say they will be turning in the close-to-700,000 signatures they have in early January 2010.[1]

Signatures submitted

Type Title Subject Description
CICA Right to Vote Elections 2/3rds vote of local voters before establishing CCA program
CISS Auto Insurance Regulation Discount for those who have had continuous auto insurance coverage