Two measures slated for May ballot removed in Nebraska

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February 5, 2010

LINCOLN, Nebraska: There won't be two statewide ballot questions on the May 11, 2010 primary election ballot after all, as Nebraska Secretary of State John A. Gale removed both amendments, citing that the two measures had been placed on the ballot improperly. In the opinion of Nebraska Attorney General, the measures should have been placed in front of voters in earlier elections.[1]

The attorney general stated that the pay-raise question should have been on the ballot in 2008 and that the Legislature shouldn't have waited until now place it on the ballot. According to reports, some state senators did not wish to see an increase in pay raise due to the economic issues surrounding the state.

The two statewide ballot questions were approved by the state legislature, with a senator salary increase question being approved in 2007, and a bond question being approved in 2008.

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