Two months after elections, Connecticut Legislature has 9 vacancies to fill

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January 7, 2011

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HARTFORD, Connecticut: Barely two months after the midterm elections in which contests were held for all one-hundred and eighty seven seats in the Connecticut State Legislature, special elections are scheduled to be held to fill nine vacancies that have already cropped up; all of these vacancies - six from the State House and three from the State Senate - belong to Democratic legislators. The mass majority of these have occurred as a direct result of administrative appointments from newly elected Governor Dan Malloy, the first Democratic state chief executive the state had publicly elected since 1986.[1]

The other three openings have come about for very different reasons. Two legislators have vacated their seats for positions in state government while another, State Senator Thomas P. Gaffey, "plead guilty to the misdemeanor charges of sixth-degree larceny" on Wednesday, January 5th and has opted not to take the oath of office.[2]

What is happening here is not unique to Connecticut. In fact, it is taking place in nearly every one of the twenty-eight states who voted in new governors. State Republicans in Iowa were able to hold onto a State Senate seat that had been occupied by Kim Reynolds, who, this past November, was elected as the state's lieutenant governor, while special elections in states such as Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Virginia are planned for this coming week.

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