U.S. district judge from Wyoming retires at age 90

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June 30, 2013


By Eric Veram

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: Judge Clarence Brimmer, of the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming, has announced his retirement just a few weeks before he turned 91. Judge Brimmer has served on the federal bench since his appointment in 1975 by former president Gerald R. Ford. According to reports, he also served as Wyoming state attorney general and U.S. Attorney for Wyoming for a period of time. Judge Brimmer has said that he identifies himself as a decidedly "Western" judge. In an interview with Associated Press, he said, "I know that in my career, I have decided cases for the West. And that’s because I’ve always felt that this area needed help in representation, that just two senators and a congressman only, couldn’t do it all. And so I’ve pitched in too."[1]

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