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Utah's Swallow still has no plans to resign

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June 14, 2013

By Sarah Rosier


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: The Utah House Republican caucus in the Utah House of Representatives plans to meet next week to discuss a possible start to the impeachment process of John Swallow, Attorney General of Utah. Swallow has been under investigation at the state and federal level for accusations of corrupt plea deals and a lack of financial disclosure on candidacy forms.[1]

In addition to next week's meeting, Governor Gary Herbert publicly stated, "I can only say, if he worked for me before all that's come out, he wouldn't be working for me today." Utah's Democratic lawmakers are also becoming increasingly outspoken on these investigations, with the five Senate Democrats sending a letter to Senate President Wayne Niederhauser and House Speaker Becky Lockhart urging for further investigations. Gene Davis, one of the five Democratic senators, explained the purpose of the letter, "This is not about impeachment. What this is about is the public has a right to know what is going on."[2]

Despite the surmounting pressure for more information, Swallow continues to proclaim his innocence and stand by his decision to not resign, "When this is done, people will look at what happened and say, ‘My goodness, he didn’t do those things, and we’re glad he stayed with us.'"[3]

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