Utah Attorney General tied to fraud case

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January 14, 2013


By Justin Haas

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: A Utah businessman who has been accused with mail fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering claims that the state attorney general arranged a deal to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make the federal investigation on the matter disappear.[1]

Businessman Jeremy Johnson, who is accused of operating a $350 million fraudulent business which billed hundreds of thousands of people for products they never purchased, told the Salt Lake Tribune that Attorney General John Swallow arranged a deal for him to pay $600,000 to people connected to Harry Reid. He said it was because he believed that Reid might intervene in the federal investigation into the matter.[1]

Johnson provided emails, financial statements, photos, and a transcript of a meeting with swallow to the newspaper.[1]

Swallow denied the accusations and claimed that he offered to connect Johnson with a lobbying firm. Neither the FBI or Reid's office have commented on the allegations.[1]

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