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Utah Democrats prepare plan for public education

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September 15, 2011


NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah: Democrats in the House and Senate recently released their "Best Schools initiative." at Foxboro Elementary in North Salt Lake. They are currently drafting legislation to go along with their coalition's initiatives.[1]

The three initiatives are as follows: "Attracting qualified teachers to the state," "Providing smaller class sizes and individualized attention to students," and "Offering a broad curriculum."

Democratic Representative Carol Moss said that the people of Utah care deeply about public education, but that Republicans do not represent their constituents when voting. She said "We are the minority but I think we represent the majority in this regard in the public."

Specific legislation regarding these issues has not yet been drafted, but is said to be in the works for the 2012 legislative session.

Republican leaders have responded by saying that they welcome any ideas to deal with the current educational challenges. Republican senator Howard Stephenson said "I'm looking forward to the details because any ideas for improving education are welcome and ought to be given fair consideration."


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