Utah Senate Bill 165 (2011)

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Utah Senate Bill 165 (2011)
Flag of Utah.png
Legislature:Utah State Legislature
Text:As Enrolled
Sponsor(s):Bramble, Daw
Legislative History
Introduced:February 25, 2011
State house:March 9, 2011
Vote (lower house):Y52, N23, A0
State senate:March 8, 2011
Vote (upper house):Y26, N1, A2
Governor:Gary R. Herbert
Signed:March 10, 2011
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Utah
Utah Senate Bill 165 is a 2011 Utah law which changes the basis of Utah's signature requirements from the number of votes cast in the last gubernatorial election to the number of votes cast in the last presidential election. This will raise the number of signatures required. In addition, the bill bans electronic signatures for ballot initiatives.[1]

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