Utah group hopes to move initiative signature solicitation online

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January 21, 2010

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: The Peoples Right LLC, a citizen group, announced this week that it is soliciting signatures for two Utah initiatives online - www.i-sign.us.[1][2] The group calls the new online method of signature solicitation the "next logical step" and "a major leap forward in bringing people into the legislative process."[3] Although, no state currently allows electronic signatures to be submitted for initiatives, earlier this month supporters of the California No Political Deductions from Public Employee Paychecks (2010) announced that they too were using a new online method for signature collection.[4] According to Utah state law, electronic signatures are viewed as valid substitutes, however election code mandates that strict guidelines be followed for paper signature forms and only addresses. Lt. Gov. Greg Bell has not yet made a decision and according to officials Bell is not expected to rule on the matter until after signatures are submitted for verification.[1]

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