Utah law requires 72-hour abortion wait period

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May 15, 2012


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: Last week HB461 took effect, a bill which requires a woman to wait 72 hours for an abortion. This makes Utah the only state with such a requirement. South Dakota was the first state to pass such a law, but it was blocked by a court challenge before it took effect. There are no other states which require any more than a 24 hour waiting period.[1]

Planned Parenthood of Utah Director Karrie Galloway stated "For some people that may be a point of celebration, for others it may be a point of heartache." The bill's sponsor, Representative Steven Eliason said "I think it’s a positive change for women and children. At the end of the day, it’s a consumer-protection law."[1]

"The focus of this bill is women having time to consider all of the information that is given to them when facing a life-altering decision that somebody else is making money off of," he also said.[1]


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